Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tomato rice dosa(tomato paan polo)

Tomato Rice Dosa with Garlic and Ground nut Chutney

Neer dosa/paan polo(in konkani) is famous dosa of  Mangalore.This very thin delicate dosa compared to our other dosa.Coconut and rice is the main 2 ingredients in usual Paan pola but this paan pola is flavour of tomato.I got this recipe from one of my friend i really like the twist of this new tomato paan pola and i tried it and it was a hit.Everybody liked it.It goes well with any dry chutney like garlic chutney or Ground nut chutney which i normally prepare at home  and the good part is no need to ferment this dosa batter if you are in a hurry you can soak this in warm water for an hour and can prepare dosa too.

Raw rice-2 cups
Coconut-1/2 cup
Red chillies-5-6
Salt to taste.

  • Soak rice for about 2hours 
  • After 2hours grind rice along with coconut ,red chillies and tomato to a smooth paste.
  • Now add enough water to make thin batter.Normally this dosa is thinner then our normal dosa so the batter should be watery .
  • Now add salt to taste and start preparing dosa.
  • Heat a griddle or dosa tava apply some oil and then put ladle full batter , immediately try to spread the batter it needs lot of cover it with a lid for about 10-15 seconds.This dosa should be soft.So while taking out just fold the dosa as shown in the picture.
  • Serve hot with any of the dry or wet chutney.
Note: If you like crisp dosa's then you can prepare crisp dosa's too as i prepare it for my kids. Just fry until its nicely brown and crisp on one side and then take it out.

Tomato rice Dosa


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