Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Puran Poli/Ubbati/obbattu/Holigey

Today is a holi purnima the eve of holi ,holika dahan takes place.People put bonfire and celebrate the with lots of sweets so this puran poli is one of them.
This holika dahan symbolizes the victory of good over evil .today in every household you will see women preparing this Puran poli  through out  Maharashtra and North Karnataka region though the name may vary from region to region but the main stuffing is with chanadal and Jaggery or sugar to offer god.
        Every year i too prepare this on this auspicious day.My kids looking forward to this holi especially to eat this and to enjoy playing with colours with their friends.
     So you all enjoy this holi with lots of ghee and  puran poli......Happy holi to all my friends.

Ingredients for the dough:-
Maida(all purpose flour)-2 cups
Wheat flour-1/2 cup
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Coconut oil or veg oil-1/2 cup
Rice flour to roll the poli

  • Mix Maida ,wheat flour,turmeric powder and salt
  • Now add enough water to knead a soft dough.
  • Now add oil and knead again till it soaks all the oil.
  • Keep it aside.

Ingredients for the stuffing:-
Chana dal(  Split chickpea)- 2cups
Sugar- 2cups
Cardamom-6-7( powdered)

  • Pressure cook chanadal  for 30 mins or untill 4 whistle by adding water an inch above the dal.
  • Now open the lid and let the dal to cool down a bit.
  • If there is any water then strain all the water.
  • Now grind this in a mixer to smooth paste.
  • Now heat a heavy bottom pan and put the paste and the sugar and start stirring all the time till sugar melts and the mixture thickens.
  • Once the mixture becomes thick switch off the gas and add cardamom powder and let it cool completely.
Method of  preparing  Puran Poli:-
  • Now take a lemon sized ball of the dough and make a ball and prepare  same with rest of the dough and  keep aside.
  • Now take one small lump of the filling and prepare the same size balls as you prepared earlier with the dough.The same way prepare balls with all the Puran(stuffing)
  • Now start stuffing the dough with the sweet balls or it is called Puran.Stuff the puran into dough and roll into flat disk using rice flour.
  • Now heat a griddle and start frying on medium heat without oil as we have used oil while kneading.
  • If you feel its sticking to the griddle then after frying 6-7 poli simply brush with a mixture of water and oil with a clean cloth piece to  just to clean the tava.
  • Serve hot with fresh Ghee(clarified butter).


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