Monday, March 26, 2012

Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biryani!


Hyderabad is famous for its Dum biryani.One of them is kacche ghost ka biryani which i have tried several times and it really come out well.It is very simple and easy to make.I got this recipe from one of the TV shows in which they clearly mentioned the step by step recipe.So i too started following that exact recipe and we all loved the  end result.
              Normally in other types of biryani precooked meat is used but in hydrabad they cook meat along with rice.That means the mutton cooks  in its own juice  which is also known as kacchey Ghost ka biryani. Mutton is cooked on slow fire in the steam which know as Dum( steam).The procedure of making this  biryani is very interesting.To make it  more simple  i have  clearly mentioned the steps with the pics.So lets start with the ingredients.

1st step

2nd step
3rd step
4th step
5th step
6th step
7th step
Basmati rice-1/2kg
Mint leaves-2 cups
Ginger-2 pieces
Garlic-1 big pod
Cinnamon-4 big pieces
Coriander seeds-1tsp
Bay leaf-3
Green chillies-10
Chilly powder-1tsp
Oil or ghee-1cup
Kesar/saffron -a pinch mixed with a tbsp of milk
saffron color-1/4 spoon mixed with a tbsp of milk

Method of marination:-
  • First make masala for marination with 1 cup of mint,ginger,garlic,5 cloves,2 cinnamon,3 cardamon, jeera,coriander seeds,6 green chillies and curd.Grind all the ingredients to smooth paste. 
  • Now marinate the mutton with this paste along with salt and chilly powder for about 1 hour.
1st step:-Fry onions  in 1/2 cup ghee till golden brown .Just before taking it out.add the chillies and fry along with onions for a few seconds or till raw smell goes.

2nd step:-Boil about 2 litre  water in a  wide  big hundi or sauce pan along with Bay leaf, remaining cloves,cinnamon, cardamom.and salt to taste .when water comes to boil add the washed rice and cook exactly for about 10 mins(if you are using kohinoor charminar basmati) on high flame or till 3/4 done.Now strain the water.

3rd step:-Transfer the cooked rice to a tray or wide plate.Let it cool for a while.

4th step:-Now start making layers for which you need 4 litre thick bottom vessel or the Pressure cooker( i have used pressure cooker) and  a thick lid which exactly fits to that handi/cooker.First put the layer of marinated mutton and then spread some fried onion on top and some chopped mint leaves.The same way finish the layers with the remaining rice.At last sprinkle some safron mixed in milk.

5th step:- Make soft dough using 1 cup of wheat flour.Now seal the handi with this dough as shown in the picture.

6th step:-Now seal the handi with a lid properly make sure it is tightly closed.

7th step:-Now cook it over the low flame for about 45 mins.After 45 mins swithch off the gas and  let it stand for about an hour so that let the rice absorb all the flavours .


Serve hot with salad or special biryani chutney or with mirch ka salan as traditionally served in Hyderabad.


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