Monday, March 26, 2012

Chikoo Shake with Coffee punch !!

Chikoo/Sapodilla/sapota is very beneficial fruit.As it contains good amount of antioxidant vitamin like vitamin  C, vitamin  A .Vitamin A is essential for vision.It  is also required for maintaining healthy mucus membranes and skin.Vitamin C helps body develop resistance against infectious agent.
         Fresh ripen fruits are good source of minerals like potassium,copper,iron and vitamins like  folate and niacin ,pantothenic  acid which is essential for optimal health as they involve in various metabolic processes in the body as cofactors as the enzymes .
                        Apart from all the benefits chikoo is a good source of dietary fibre and there fore acts as a good remedy to curb constipation.The anti- inflammatory effects properties of  chikoo is helpful for  problems like gastritis and bowel disorders.
                       As i said earlier summer fruits are my favourite i  make sure at least i have one seasonal fruit  in my daily diet.Today i have prepared simple yet tasty milk shake for my kids who love to have this as soon as they come back after their exam.This chilled shake is excellent to Beat The Heat

Chikoo-4(cut into pieces)
Ice cubes-10
Instant coffee powder-1tsp
Sugar-1/2 cup


  • Blend all the ingredients together in a blender and serve chilled.
  • You can sprinkle some coffee before serving


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