Thursday, February 2, 2012

Paan polo(neer dose in kannada,adsara in kerala konkani)

Paan polo is a type of dosa prepared all around Dakhshina Kannada region,speciality in mangalore. We amchigelley(konkanies) call it paan polo and bunts or tulu speaking people  call it neer dosa(watery dosa).They serve this dosa in many occasions,like their wedding receptions with  hot and spicy mangalorean  chicken or mutton curry.
     I just came to know by my friend who is from kerala told that in kerala too they prepare this same dosa but they call it adsara.
          In mangalore some people use coconut and some people make it without.But we konkanies prefer using coconut and served with honey or godda ravo(jaggery syrup).I too use coconut if i prepare this for breakfast and when i make this for lunch or dinner then i just omit coconut.You have to be careful while spreading the batter on a griddle it is an art. first you may find  it little difficult to spread the batter because the batter is too watery unlike other dosa batter. Paan polo is a very thin crepes like dosa and very delicate so when we take this out from the griddle we fold it like triagle and then we take it on a plate.But believe me its worth trying this dosa.

Raw rice-2 cups
coconut-1 cup(grated)
salt to taste.


  • soak rice for about 3 hours and grind it along with coconut gratings to a smooth paste.Add salt and the batter is ready now.this dosa batter should be watery,unlike other types of may need 4( approximately)cups of water for this batter.
  • Now heat the griddle and drizzle it with oil or ghee and pour   about a ladle full and tilt the doasa tava to spread the batter to make thin dosa or just sprinkle little batter at a time and spread.But it should be may spoil one or two dosas if you are attempting this for a first time but after  you will get used to it.
  • Normally we have it with ravo(jaggery syrup) or with honey, but you can serve it with any type of chutneys or with any curries.


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