Friday, February 3, 2012

Oondi(steamed rice balls) a mangalorean special

Oondi is a specialty of mangalore.In konkani we call it oondi and in tulu they call it pundi but the taste and the method is same.oodi goes well with any kind of chutney or with any curries.Even you can serve this with home made ghee or jam or with honey.I served with Garlic chutney.

oondi with garlic chutney

Par boiled rice(white ukda,katsambar in konkani) - 2cups
salt to taste
For tempering:
fenugreek seeds(methi)-1/2tsp
Urad dal-1tsp
ghee or any oil-1tbsp


  • soak boiled rice overnight or 5-6 hours  and next day morning grind it along with coconut and with 2tsp of salt to a coarse paste.
  • In a kadai or thick bottom sauce pan put a table spoon of ghee or any vegetable oil.
  • when the oil gets hot add urad dal let it change its colour to light brown add mustard followed by fenugreek seed.Let it change its colour to light brown
  • Now add the ground rice and coconut mixture add 5 glasses of water and keep stirring all the time until its dry and leaves the side of the kadai.
Note: you can add more coconut if you like for that extra coconutty flavour

  • now make round balls and just make a small well in the middle.
  • now place the container in the pressure cooker or idli steamer and steam for about 20 minutes on high and 10 minutes on low flame.
2nd method
2 -cups idli rava
1/2 -1 cup freshly grated coconut
Salt to taste
4- cups of water 
Soak rava for 20 -30 mins,then strain the water and keep aside.Grind coconut coarsely with a cup of water.Add this to the soaked rava.Add remaining water and salt to taste and mix it well.
Rest is same as 1st method.

  • Serve hot with any chutney or sambar.
Note: Don't put too much water in the cooker.


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