Friday, February 10, 2012

Goda Masala..a Maharashtrian masala

Goda masala is blend of spices roasted and powdered together..Normally all maharashtrian or neighboring states use this masala in their daily cooking .When i came to belgaum after my marriage i heard a lot about this masala but never tried this.But about 8 years ago my neighbor gave me this masala and i used this for my chicken and other veg dishes and it  was awesome.
                  It is different from garam masala because it has copra and white sesame seed.Both has its own flavor and aroma..So if you really want to try some maharashtrian cuisine then this masala is a must.

  1. Coriander seeds-200g
  2. Copra(dried coconut)-1/4(grated)
  3. Cinnamon-50g
  4. Cloves-50g
  5. Dagad phool(black stone flower)-1/4 cup
  6. Bay leaf-4-5
  7. Black cardamom-5-6
  8. Green cardamom-8-10
  9. Pepper corn-50g
  10. Mace(javethri)-4-5
  11. Nutmeg-1(crushed)
  12. Sesame seed(white thil)-100gms
  13. Star anise-6-7
  14. Cumin-100g
  15. Asafoetida-1tsp
  16. oil for frying-3tsp
  • Dry fry copra till its light brown and then transfer it to a plate.
  • Now in a same pan add sesame seed and dry roast till it changes its color to medium brown.Mix it with fried copra.
  • Now fry all the ingredients one by one in that same pan till coriander turns to light brown .
  • No need to roast  the masala's separately.But 1st roast only the coriander seeds for few mins and then add each ingredients one after the other. 
  • After roasting all the masala grind only the masala's roasted in oil first.
  • After that in the same blender add copra and sesame seeds and grind to fine powder.In between the grinding take a little break and open the lid and mix the masala with the spoon.
  • Once the both the masala's are done,mix the both the ground masala and grind it again till both blends well.
  • Allow it to cool and then store it in an air tight container.


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