Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Luchi.. Authentic Benagali dish

Luchi with Cholar Dal and gobi malai curry
 Luchi is a popular dish of Bengal,which is made of Maida. Its a very simple dish goes well with almost any types of curries and bajis. This is Bengali's favourite dish served during durga puja along with Cholar Dal,aloor dum and Sandesh .

luchi with  Cholar Dal

2 cups-Refined flour/madia
1 cup - warm water(approximately)
1tsp -salt
Oil-For deep frying


  1. Sieve flour with salt.Add ghee and make a soft dough with warm water.Keep covered with a moist cloth for half and hour.
  2. Divide into 12-15 equal parts and make small balls.
  3. Roll into 3" diameter disks/puris.
  4. Heat oil in a kadai and fry the luchis till well puffed and cream coloured
  5. Serve hot with Cholar Dal(For recipe click this link) or any curry of your choice.


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