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Ganesh Chaturti special dishes...

ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗೂ ಗೌರಿ ಗಣೇಶ ಹಬ್ಬದ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು


Can any indian festival be complete without authentic sweet dishes??? Here are some konkani dishes posted in this blog

 Friends only few more days for ganesh chaturti and we all are going to enjoy this time with lots of happiness, joy and lots of  sweet.As per ancient tradition,hindus worship the elephant -headed god Ganesha the  first during  every ritual.Ganesha, the remover  of all obstacles, is the son of Lord shiva and goddess parvathi.He represents wisdom,good will and most importantly the art of living a balanced life.Ganesha is also portrayed with sweets in his hand,depicting him as a sweet lover.His favouite sweet is called " Modak " is made and served specially during ganesha chaturti.Apart from Modak there are a variety of sweets made on this occation


It is very famous sweet specially prepared during Ganesh chaturti,mostly prepared  in maharashtra and in some southern parts of india.There are 2 types of Modak one is deep fried modak and one is steamed rice dumpling or ukdiche modak people  the name may change from region to region.People of maharashtra call it Modak and in kerala it is known as kozukattai , in manglore bunt community people call it pundi and Christians call it

Rava laddu:

 Rava or semolina mixed in sugar syrup along with grated coconut and some besan/gram flour.

 One of the popular sweets of india prepared during Ganesha chaturti and Deepavali

Puran Poli/Ubbati/obbattu/Holigey

This is a popular south indian sweet parata which is stuffed with begal gram and jaggery stuffing .In maharashtra it is known as Puran poli and in karnataka it is known as holige in kannada and ubbati in konkani

This is one more sweet prepared during Ganesha chaturthi,deepavali and ugadi.You can call it sweet puff or sweet samosa.


Chakkuli/muruku is a deep fried indian snack enjoyed in every household specially during festive season

Special "GSB konkani" dishes prepared during "Ganesha Chaturti "

Mudganey(Gram payasam)
Mudganey(Gram payasam)

God appo/sweet paddu

God appo/sweet paddu 
 Chana upkari /Bengal gram usali
Chana upkari

Patrode(steamed colocasia/taro leaves) 

Cheppe kheeri 

Festive thali

We GSB's usually serve our festive lunch in banana leaves because its  hygienic and very divine.Here you can see our konkani dishes specially served on our festive days..(Mudganey(Gram payasam)
PODI(kele,karathey,jivkadgi,Banbaley kele)
Patrodesteamed colocasia /taro leaves)

PODI(kele,karathey,jivkadgi,Banbaley kele)

  Here i have Crispy fried bread fruit which is one of the podi that we prepare during ganesh chaturthi

 jackfruit leaves

Konkanis love fried veggies and we make sure to prepare at least 5 types of  PODI on ganesha chaturthi


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