Saturday, April 7, 2012

Four in one laddoo

Today  i prepared tasty mughlai chicken  and some chicken kababs for lunch.After heavy lunch kids wanted to have some dessert and there was nothing in the my fridge.So i asked them to wait for few mins and quickly prepared these laddoos which is super healthy ,tasty  and sugar free.It hardly takes 10-15 mins.
                      If you really looking for something for your kids  then here is  a tasty  instant laddoos which  has dates,walnuts,oats and coconut and i am sure kids will definitely going to love the taste and this is guilt-free recipe for those who looking something which goes well with their diet.

Dessicated coconut/Dry coconut powder-3tbsp

  • Dry roast oats on low flame till it changes to light brown
  • Now make a coarse powder using roasted oats and cardamom.
  • Now in that same mixer grinder add all the ingredients and blend all the ingredients to form a soft dough.Keep 1tbsp of coconut powder separately to roll the laddoos. 
  • Now take out the dough from the mixer and prepare 10 -12 laddos and roll all the laddoos in coconut powder.
  • Refrigerate before serving.


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