Monday, March 19, 2012

Tender cashew nut upkari(bibbya /bebbe upkari).. A konkani cuisine

Tender cahewnut upkari ... a GSB delight.Almost all our function is not complete without this upkari.It is very popular in Goa and some parts of Karnataka.This upkari is prepared specially for our Ugadi(new year) day.This is the season when tender cashew nuts are available in the markets.
                I remember how my dad used to buy tender cashew nuts   in bulk and my mom used to dry them for later use.So whole year we used to enjoy this delicacy.
                   Even now i buy about 1000,as prices are gone high. I just to use my cashew nuts on some special occasions only.But last year i could not able to buy. As the season is already started i am looking forward to buy in bulk  this time. Yesterday  my hubby got some from mangalore to prepare this bibbe upkari on this coming UGADI.
        The recipe is very simple and requires only 3-4 ingredients yet tastes superb.  

bibbe upkari

  1. Tender cashewnuts with skin-1/4kg
  2. Mustard-1tsp
  3. Red chilly-3(cut into pieces)
  4. Asafoetida-1/2tsp(optional)
  5. Coconut grated-1tbsp
  6. Coconut oil-2tsp
  7. Salt to taste

sun dried cashew nuts
  • Soak tender cashewnuts in water for about 5-6hours or overnight.
  • Next day peel off the skin and cut into half.
  • In a pan heat coconut oil and put some mustard.Let it crackle some time then add red chilly pieces and saute for few seconds followed by asafoetida.
  • Now add cashew nuts, 1/2 cup of water  and salt to taste.
  • Cover and cook till tender.
  • At last add grated coconut and mix it well and switch off the gas.
  • Serve hot for lunch or as a evening snack(sanje kapi ottu)


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