Friday, March 16, 2012

Fish Reacheado(stuffed fish with spicy masala paste)..A Goan cuisine


Ingredients for the ReacheadoPaste:-
Red chillies-15
Cinnamon-2 pieces(1"piece)
Cumin seeds-1/2tsp
Garlic-1big pod
Black pepper-1/2tsp


  • Soak all the ingredients in vinegar for for about an hour.
  • Now grind all the ingredients to a  smooth paste along with the vinegar.
Reacheado Paste

For the masala: 

1finely chopped onion
sugar or goan jaggery 2tsp
1tbsp oil

Method of making masala for the stuffing

Heat the oil in a pan.Add chopped onions and saute untill it changes to light pink,now add sugar or jaggery  and switch off the fire.Now add the  prepared  Reacheado paste and mix it  well.Now its ready for stuffing.

Main dish:

This masala can be used for many types of fishes especially flat type like mackerel,pompret or salmon.But today i have prepared it with black pompret. Actually in Portuguese Reacheado means stuffed ,so  basically this masala  is used for stuffing any flat type  of fishes and then it is  shallow fried on a low flame.Here i have used flat variety fish .This fish is like pompfret.Perfect for preparing Reacheado.

1st step

2nd step

 3rd step Marinate  the fish with  Reacheado  pas te  

4th step

5th step

  • Take 4 medium sized pomfrets.
  • Clean the fish and remove the internal organs and wash it thoroughly .
  • Now slit the fish on either side of the bone to make 2 deep pockets for stuffing.
  • Now apply salt and a tsp of vinegar and keep aside for 10 mins.
  • Now stuff the fish with  Reacheado  Masala paste as shown in the picture.
  • Marinate the fish for at least 2 hours.
  • Now take a shallow frying pan.
  • Heat some oil and gently put the fish into the pan and fry on a low flame for 5-6 mins on each side till dark brown.
  • Serve hot as an appetizer or as a main course                                                                                                          


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